Margaret Eloise Heath 3 April 1916 - 25 July 2005Richard James Thayer 26 August 1914 - 22 March 2009

My heroes… Mom and Dad… Reunited! Requiescant in pace.

This site is a tribute to my parents and contains memorabilia and genealogical information that both Mom & Dad have created and documented. You may access the genealogical data through the “Genealogy” menu  or clicking on either picture of them for a direct link to their lineage.

For many people there comes a time when we develop an interest in our heritage. For some this is fleeting, for others it becomes a passion. A family history and family tree is a huge jigsaw puzzle where the pieces of the puzzle are not only records, artifacts and photos, but more importantly memories and items of information. Some of these puzzle pieces can be gleaned from painstaking research of the public information trail that we all leave behind us. However, descendant family members also hold many of these pieces. These scattered pieces of information exist in isolation, with other family members often being unaware of their existence, so the picture remains incomplete and many questions asked can not easily be answered.

This website is here to provide a central repository for the collected family history or family tree so that it can be accessed and enjoyed by all. I hope that people who are drawn to this site seeking information will in turn provide the pieces they know, so that over time the picture can be made as complete as we can collaboratively make it.

This site also will allow those of the family who are fortunate to have treasured artifacts, to share them through images and words, without relinquishing them.

This site will be most successful if you freely share its existence with other family members – I hope you will promote the site.

Data for living people is being omitted for privacy reasons. If you have reasons for having access to the data of living people (e.g., you are related to the family), please register for a user account. Data for deceased persons is always fully displayed, so you will not need a user account to see it.


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